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1 April, 2017

Vegan meringue nests with fruit and chocolate eggs

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Internet  is  full  of  new  ideas.  Sitting  in  the  comfort  of  our  home,  the  whole  world  opens  up  in  front  of  our  eyes.

Aquafaba  has  been  popping  up  for  sometime  now.  The  Chatelaine  magazine  had  a  beautiful  front  cover  on  ‘Meringue  kisses’,  last  year.  I  had  my  eyes  on  them  and  wanted  to  give  them  a  try


For  the  uninitiated,  meringues  are  made  by  beating  egg  whites  till  stiff  peaks  form,  after  which  they  can   be  given  a  bit  of  colour  by  a  kitchen  blowtorch.  They  are  used to  decorate  the  cake  tops,  tarts  etc.

What  about  people  who   stay  away  from  eggs?  Fear  not,  this  is  where  the  Aquafaba  creates  it’s  magic.

The  water  from  canned  chickpeas  or  even  soaked  and  boiled  chickpeas,  when  beaten  creates  the  same  effect.  So  here  we  are ,  the “No  egg  meringue”.

I  tried  making  nests  with  the  meringues,  then  decorated  them  with  fruit  pieces  and  chocolate  eggs.

Recipe:  Made about 30-32


Chick peas liquid                                                    3/4  cup

Icing  sugar                                                                3/4  cup

Vanilla                                                                          1/2  tsp

Lemon  juice                                                            1/2  tsp

Grated  coconut                                                    3/4 cup

Agave  syrup                                                           3  tsps

Cadbury”s  mini  easter  eggs                       as  needed

Papaya  and  mango  pieces                          as  needed


Heat  the  oven  to  212  degrees  F.

Collect  the  liquid  from  canned  chick  peas.

If  using  fresh  Chickpeas,  soak  about  2  cups  in  water  overnight.  Pressure  cook  using  4  cups  water  till  the  chickpeas  are  cooked,  about  4  whistles.  Collect  the  water.

Either  way  take  3/4  cup  of  the  above  liquid  and  beat  using  an  electric  beater  till  it  becomes  white  and  soft  peaks  form.  You  know  it  is  done  when  it  doesn’t  fall  even  if  the  bowl  is  held  upside  down.

Add  the  sugar,  vanilla,  lemon juice  and  whisk  again.

Collect  this  in  a  piping  bag  with  a  nozzle.  Line  the  baking  tray  with  parchment  paper.  Pipe  out  in  concentric  rings  about  1  1/2  inch  in  diameter.

Bake  for  2  hrs.  If  still  sticky ,  add   another  half  hour.  Leave   inside  the  oven  to  cool  down.

Heat  the  grated  coconut  on  a  dry  pan  on  medium  heat  till  lightly  coloured.  Add  the  agave  syrup  as  a  binder.  Spoon  a  bit  of  this  mixture  on  the  meringue  nests  and  decorate  with  chocolate  eggs  or  small  fruit  pieces.

Inside  Scoop;

If  no  piping  bag  is  available,  it  can  be  scooped  out  with  a  spoon.




4 thoughts on : Vegan meringue nests with fruit and chocolate eggs

  • April 13, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Love these! They would disappear in seconds at my place. So cute and festive.

    • Ratna
      April 16, 2017 at 10:51 pm

      Aww, you are very kind Sonali,coming from a veteran Super dessert maker, it means a lot to me.

  • Ratna
    April 3, 2017 at 2:01 am

    It really is Ev. I am not sure what the egg meringues taste like, I am really pumped to use this as a egg substitute now.Have a great week ahead.

  • Ev
    April 2, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    I have never heard about chickpea meringues before Ratna. That is so interesting – do they taste like a regular egg meringue? Thanks for sharing this interesting recipe. Its such a lovely idea for those not eating eggs.

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