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7 November, 2016

Tomato and cottage cheese salad

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untitledThe  garden  outside  is  covered  with  a  thick  blanket  of  snow.  Staring  out  from  my  kitchen  window,  my  mind  skips  the  white  stuff  and  races  to  the  next  summer.   A  time  when  we  can  feel  the  dirt  again,  which  here  in  the  Prairies  could  be  well into  late  April.

It  feels  I  have  extra  time  in  hand  now.   There  is  no  watering  of  plants,  no  looking  for  new  flower  under  the  leaves  or  even  if  the  caterpillar  got  half  of  the  missing  leaf  again.


I  waited  till  the  very  end  to  harvest  the  last  of  the  tomatoes  and  the  grapes.  There  were  tomatoes  that  were  red  and  ripe,  then  there  were  the  pale  yellow  ones  and  finally  the  rudimentary  green  ones.  Soon  after,  I  started  contemplating  how  to  photograph  them,  and  more  importantly  what  to  cook  with  them.


It  was  as  if  a  new  mum  was  photographing  her  first  born.  Is  this  angle  better  or  that,  is  the  light  showing  well  on  the  pale  ones  or  not,  mmmmm..  I  think  I  need  a  different  prop!


I  couldn’t  help  but  put  all  the  pictures  here.  You  have  the  liberty  to  take  your  pick.

Fresh,  plump  and  juicy  tomatoes, only  a  salad  would  do  justice  to  the  taste.  No  boiling,  baking,  grilling  but  just  the  way  they  are.

Today’s  recipe  is  not  a  rigid  one,  as  such.  I  have  assembled  this  salad  to  enjoy  the  last  of  the  freshest  vegetables  from  my  garden.

You  are  welcome  to  try  this  salad  my  way.  I  wouldn’t  mind  at  all  if  you  just  walk  away  from  this  and  create  your  own.  Leave  a  note  for  me  please,  I  would  love  to  hear  and  see  your  take  on  this.

Recipe:  Serves  2.


Chopped  Fresh  tomatoes                                                     2  cups

Ribboned  cucumber                                                              1/2  cup

Julienned  Carrots                                                                   1/2  cup

Grapes                                                                                    1/2  cup

Cottage  cheese                                                                      1/2  cup

Slivered  almonds                                                                     1  Tbsp

Chaat  masala                                                                          To  taste

Chopped  Cilantro                                                                   1  tsp

Tamarind  Dressing                                                                   To  taste.


Assemble  the  ingredients,  dress  it  up  to  your  liking,  garnish  with  cilantro  and  enjoy,

Tamarind  dressing  recipe  can  be  found  here.

Inside  Scoop;

Chaat  masala  is  available  in  Indian  grocery  stores.

By  Ratna



4 thoughts on : Tomato and cottage cheese salad

  • November 13, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    You are right. With this oh-so-fresh tomatoes, the best way to eat them is salad. And I actually don’t blame you for taking all those photos of your ‘baby.’ I’m the same way with fresh ingredients, esp. tomatoes. I think tomatoes are the most photogenic of all, and your photos said it all. 🙂

    • Ratna
      November 15, 2016 at 7:34 pm

      Thank you Pang. I so admire your photography. Comments from you means a great deal to me. Have a wonderful week ahead..

  • November 8, 2016 at 10:26 am

    Such a lovely, sunny post! You’ve styled and photographed them beautifully. I love the idea of the little salad board as well. So much deliciousness!

    • Ratna
      November 8, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      Thank you Sonali. The styling was a little out of my comfort zone, but enjoyed it so very much. Enjoy your summer.

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