Tomatillo and Avocado dip

By  Ratna

untitled I  did  not  grow  up  with  Tomatillos.  Not  even  heard  about  it.  Green  tomatoes  meant  the  ones  that  were  not  ripe.  Things  changed  when  I  moved  to  Canada.  I  spotted  these  green  beauties  which  looked  like  tomatoes,  and  did  not.  I  mean  they  look  exactly  like  the  tomatoes  but  had  a  dramatic  sheath  or  veil,  if  I  may  say  so.

untitled-5The  picture  above  shows  the  Tomatillos,  I  bought  the  other  day,  from  my  local  grocery.  They  were  peeled,  or  stripped  off  of  their  veils.untitled-6

Tomatillos  grow  in  Mexico  and  southern  United  States.  It  has  a  chewy,  tangy  taste.  Avocado  on  the  other  hand  has a  buttery  taste.

untitled-4Throw  in  a  few  choice  spices,  result  was  a  wonderful  smooth  and  tasty  dip.  It  will  go  very  well  with  Tortillas  or  any  other  chips.  Not  just  because  they  rhyme.  You  see  Tomatillos,  Tortillas.  They  are  close,  wouldn’t  you  agree?

I  enjoyed  them  with  Corn  bread.  You  can  check  the  recipe  here.untitled-2Recipe:


Tomatillos                                                            about 7  medium

Avocado                                                             2  ripe

Ginger                                                                 1  inch,  grated

Green  chillies                                                       2,  optional

Lemon  juice                                                        From  half  a  lemon

Olive  oil                                                               2  Tbsps

Cilantro                                                               1/2  cup,  chopped

Salt                                                                      to  taste

Water                                                                 If  needed


Roughly  chop  the  Tomatillos.  Skin  and  seed  the  avocados.  Throw  all  the  ingredients  in  a  blender  till  a  smooth  paste  forms.  You  can  add  water  if  it  is  too  dry.

Check  the  taste  and  tweak  it  to  your  liking.



10 thoughts on “Tomatillo and Avocado dip

  1. Ratna what a delicious looking recipe. We can’t get tomatillos here in South Africa, but have seen them in California . Next time I am there I will be sure to try them, along with your beautiful recipe. Lots of love xxx

  2. Tomatillos & Avocado is such a wonderful combination, Ratna. I can see why you combine them. I am so sure that it would also taste fantastic, and I love that you share the recipe with all of us. 🙂 Thank youuuuuuu

    • Oh Thank you Pang. You know both the vegetables are relatively new to me. It was lot of fun experimenting with them. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  3. Wow! It looks and sounds like a flavour explosion. I haven’t tasted a tomatillo but I am intrigued. The colour they have imparted together is so impressive. Happy New week Ratna:-)

    • Flavour explosion is just the right word. Next time I would like to try some ” chochori” or “posto” to see how it fares. You too have an awesome week dear Sonali. Thanks for always taking time to stop by.

  4. Lovely, Ratna! A perfect dish for the new season! I wish I could grab a piece of your corn bread and savor this bright-green rich texture dip along with a chilled Sauvignon Blanc. Beautifully styled! Hugs 🙂

    • Aww,Thanks Elizabeth.We have to get together one day. Cooking, photographing, laughing, I can see it would be so much fun.
      Have a great weekend..

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