Til Chikki: Sesame seed brittle

By  Ratna


Like  every  year  the  ‘Cookie  exchange’  sign  went  up  on  our  office  notice  board.  Like  every  year  I  started  contemplating  should  I  sign  up  or  not.  I  counted  the  names  already  on,  a  total  of  twelve.  One  dozen.  I  needed  to  bake  one  hundred  and  forty  four  pieces  of  treats  at  least..


I  hummed  and  hawed.  Where  was  the  time,  my  ‘to  do’  list  was  long  and  growing  longer  at  a  rapid  rate,  the  deadline  was  looming.  The  adventurer  in  me  won  in  the  end.

Next  it  was  time  to  decide  what  were  the  treats  going  to  be.  Consultation  from  cookbooks  and  online  sites  resulted  in  a  short  list  of  items.  As  always  my  criteria  were,  fast  and  easy  to  make,  won’t  break  the  bank  and   should  not  be  guilt  laden…


Sesame  seeds  brittle  was  my  choice.  Easy  to  prepare,  few  ingredients,  stores  well,  gluten  free,  is  said  to  keep  the  body  warm  in  cold  days.


Try  this  out  friends,  you  won’t  be  disappointed.

Have  a  great  holiday  season.


Made  30-35  pieces  about  11/2  cms  long.


Sesame  seeds                                               1  cup

Sugar                                                               1  cup

Vanilla  extract                                                 1/4  tsp

Ghee                                                                2  Tbsp


Grease  a  chopping  board,  rolling  pin  and  a  pizza  cutter.

Put  the  sesame  seeds  in  a  heavy  bottomed  pan  and  dry  roast  them  over  medium  heat,  till  they  become  very  slightly  brown  and  you  get  a  nutty  aroma,  about  6  minutes.  Collect  them  in  a  bowl.

In  the  same  pan  add  the  ghee,  as  soon  as  it  melts  add  the  sugar.  Keep  the  heat  on  medium  and  make  sure  you  keep  stirring.  Let  the  sugar  melt  about  10  minutes.  The  colour  will  now  have  changed.  Put  the  gas  off.

Add  the  roasted  sesame  seeds  and  vanilla.  Work  fast  and  mix  well.  Transfer  this  to  the  greased  surface.  Use  the  rolling  pin  and  extend  it  to  an  approximately  rectangular  shape.  Use  the  Pizza  cutter  to  mark  the  cuts,  either  into  rectangular  or  diamond  shape.  Wait  until  this  cools  down,  about  5  minutes.  break  them  in  pieces.

Store  them  in  an  airtight  container.  It stays  well  for  a  month.

Inside  Scoop;

The  sugar  syrup  is  very  hot.  Handle  with  extreme  care.

Put  the  gas  off  as  soon  as  the  sugar  melts,  any  further  and  the  sugar  will  burn  making  the  brittles  bitter.




10 thoughts on “Til Chikki: Sesame seed brittle

  1. I loved mine !!! And my husband loved them more !!! Best cookie exchange I have ever signed up for and thanks for sharing your recipe it will be one of my family favourites for years to come

    • I am so glad you liked it Diane! I had lot of fun making them, the cookie exchange was such a great idea. Thank you for stopping by..

  2. Ratna, I absolutely love the diamond shape of these cookies. I’m sure your colleagues and friends devoured them and where asking for more. Great choice, presentation and styling. Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours the very best in 2016! 🙂

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Yes, they were a big hit. Wish you a fantastic new year. Stay tuned, I want to share my Spanish holiday soon..

  3. I am so glad that the adventurer in you won because these are too great, not to share! How lucky are the people who will get to taste them. Not to mention, how sensational they look!

    • I was glad too that I decided to join. The 12 doz that I received are not helping my ‘Eat healthy” plan. Oh well,Tis the season….
      You have a great holiday Sonali.

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