Mango tart with Cardamom flavour : Vegan option



When you are done making Aam panna, Aam ras, Aam Chutney, Aam Shondesh, ( mango drink, puree, chutney, fudge) or even popping the king of fruit in your mouth and wondering what else can be done? Enter Mango tart.


Fusion recipe? You bet! I have retained some Indian flavours by using cardamom and Parle G base. For the unfamiliars, Parle G is a very popular cookie back home that we all grew up with. You can’t have the morning cup of tea without a couple of these ‘Biscuits’ as we referred them in India. I have been told that this cookie company is closing doors after 100 years. Now that makes it even more special, wouldn’t you agree?


If you want to show off a bit, this is for you. Very little effort and jaw dropping looks. Feel free to decorate your way. These are the fruits I had at hand, and made use of them.


Cashew butter can replace the unsalted butter, biscuit can be substituted with nut powder to make it vegan friendly.



Parle G biscuits                                            3 Packets

Mejdool dates, pitted                                      5

Unsalted butter                                              1/3 cup

Salt ( skip if using salted butter )                       a pinch


Mango pieces                                                2 cups

Cashew                                                          2 cups

Cardamom powder                                         1/8 tsp

Maple syrup                                                  2 tbsp ( or to taste )

Corn Starch                                                  1 Tbsp

Raspberries, Cape gooseberries,  pomegranate, nuts to garnish


Soak the cashews the night before, rinse them and grind them to powder. Collect the powder in a bowl.

Preheat the oven to 330 degrees F.

In a food processor put in the cookies and grind them to a powder. Add the dates, salt, butter and blend again until a sticky dough forms. Press this mixture firmly into a greased  7 inch ( I measured mine )  tart pan with removable bottom. Poke some holes with a fork into the crust, bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Remove it from the oven and let it cool completely.

Blend the mangoes into a puree.

Blend the cashews into a paste.

In a bowl mix the mango puree, cashew paste and all other ingredients listed under filling. Transfer this mixture over the tart  base. Tape to eliminate any air bubbles.

Throw this inside the freezer overnight.

Remove the tart from the freezer about half hour before serving, decorate with whatever fresh fruits you have in hand.

Serve and enjoy.




Persimmon, Cherry and Pistachio Tart


By  Ratna

persimmon, cherry and pistachio tart

I  am  a  sucker  when  it  comes  to  tag  lines  like  ‘Fresh,  Easy,  No-cook  meals’,  ‘No  bake  summer  fruit  tarts’  or,  ‘Machine  not  needed  ice cream’.  Baking  is  not  exactly  my  forte.

I  have  been  looking  for  a  tart  recipe  without  eggs,  fit  for  a  beginner  ‘tart  maker’  like  me.  The  August  cover  of  the  Chatelaine  caught  my  eye  with  one  such  recipe.

persimmon and cherry tart

The  weather  outside  has  been  nothing  but  gorgeous.  Clear  blue  skies,  warm  temperatures.  The  garden  is  in  full  bloom,  with  the  heady  perfume  of  roses  on  one  side  to  the  fruit  laden  cherry  tree  on  the  other.  The  smell  of  freshly  cut  grass  here  and  the  sound  of  the  Blackbirds  singing  there.  Oh,  how  I  love  this  time  of  the   year.

persimmon, cherry and pistachio tart fg-8

The  prairie  fields  are  yellow,  as  far  as  the  eyes  go.  Set  against  the  blue  sky  they  are  a  scene  to  behold.  The  blue  and  yellow,  the  yellow  and  blue.  A  gentle  breeze  sets  a  ripple  effect  swaying  the  heads  of  the  canola  flowers  from  one  side  of  the  field,  all  the  way  to  the  other.

persimmon, cherry and pistachio tart fg-2persimmon, cherry and pistachio tart fg-7

K  my  friend’s  daughter  graduated  from  high  school.  Standing  at  a  cross  road  of  her  life,  she  decided  to  move  to  the  city.  The  little  girl  with  braces  and  pigtails  is    a  lovely  young  lady  now,  ready  to  move  forward.  It  was  sad  to  see  her  leave.  What  else  but  sweet  could  drown  our  sorrows?

persimmon, cherry and pistachio tart-3

Lovely  outdoors,  great  event  and  an  excellent  recipe.  Each  complementing  the  other.  Just  like  the  blue  and  yellow  outside.

persimmon, cherry and pistachio tart fg-9


Recipe:  Adapted  from  Chatelaine  august  2015.


Graham  cracker  crumbs                    4  cups

Unsalted  butter                                    1 1/2  cups  melted

Mascarpone  cheese                            1  cup

35% cream                                           1  cup

Honey,  divided                                    5  Tbsps

Vanilla                                                  1  tsp

Water                                                  1  Tbsp

Persimmon,  cherries                           2  cups

Finely  chopped  pistachios                 2  Tbsp

Lime  zest                                            1  tsp

Icing  sugar                                           1  tbsp


Skin  and  cut  the  persimmon  into  small  pieces.

Spray  a  8  inch  tart  pan  (  with  removable  bottom  )  with  oil.  Line  the  bottom  with  parchment.

Stir  cookie  crumbs  with  butter  in  a  medium  bowl  until  moist.  Scoop  this  mixture  into  the  pan.  Firmly  press  up  the  edges  until  crust  is  even  with  rim.  Press  down  to  cover  the  bottom  of  the  pan  with  this  mixture.  Freeze  until  very  firm,  at  least  1  hour.

Beat  the  mascarpone  with  cream,  4  tbsp  honey  and  vanilla  in  a  large  bowl  with  an  electric  mixer  on  medium-high  until  stiff  peaks  form,  2  to  3  min.

Stir  remaining  1  tbsp  honey  with  water  and  fruit  in  a  medium  bowl  until  glossy.

Carefully  remove  firm  tart  shells  from  pan  by  pressing  removable  bottom  up  and  out  from  ring.  Peel  off  parchment.  Set  shell  on  a  plate.  Spoon  mascarpone  mixture  into  the  shell.  Top  with  fruit.  Sprinkle  with  pistachios,  lime  zest  and  icing  sugar

Inside  scoop;

I  preferred  to  keep  the  cherries  intact,  mostly  for  the  visual  effect.