Paneer Gochujang Pockets


IMG_0792Gochujang sauce to me is what Garam masala to Korean home cooks. At least that is what I tend to believe. Indian curries can be quite hot , but when I saw the name of this chiili sauce I must say I could not take it lightly. “Pain is good Gochujang hot sauce”. You see what I mean?

Food bloggers of Canada is running a series of recipe call outs with “unusual ingredients”. This week it is with this fiery Korean sauce.

I tamed this painful sauce with sour and sweet. There is no hard and fast measurements to do that. It is entirely on what your taste buds desire or are ready to handle. I used honey, lemon juice and tomato ketchup until It was no more ‘painful’.


Recipe; Serves 2


Paneer cut in small cubes                                           1/2 cup

Tamed gochujang sauce ( see above )                        1/3 cup

Carrot slivers                                                               1/3 cup

Tomato pieces                                                             1/4 cup

Microgreens                                                                1/4 cup

Butter                                                                          1 Tbsp

Byblos Bakery Pita                                                       6


Seat the pita pockets on a flat pan on medium heat. Brush them with butter. Turn them once, let them heat through both sides. Turn the gas off.

Slather the Gochujand cauce on one side of the pita pockets, arrange the carrot slivers, paneer pieces, tomato slices, microgreens on them. Squeeze the lemon slice on it one more time.

There, you have it. It can serve very well as a “fill your own pita pocket’ if you want your guests to get hands on in your party. These are bite size, which causes less waste, I find.


Paneer is Indian cheese available in Walmart, Suoer Store or Indian grocery store.

The Gochujang sauce was available in Amazon.