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16 September, 2018

Besan Burfi: Chickpea flour fudge

Besan Burfi: Chickpea flour fudge
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Besan or chick pea flour is such an versatile ingredient. I think it can be used in such a variety of recipes, be it an appetiser sweet or savoury, main course or dessert. I always have Besan in my pantry. I feel so confident that even at a short notice I can whip up something
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11 April, 2016

Lavang latika : Clove twisties.

Lavang latika  :  Clove twisties.
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    Celebrations  need  sweets.  Period. In  as  much  as  we  write  volumes  about  the  bitter  side  of  sweets,  we  can’t  do  without  them.  Not  in  my  household.  You  see  my  husband  has  a  big  sweet  tooth. As  I  said  before,  the  innocent  enquiry   after  supper  about  the  leftover  sweets,  if  any,  actually  translates
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