Turmeric Chai latte : Haldi chai: Df option



Slipping and sliding on the foot deep snow I carry my props and drink to the outdoors. The minus twenty two degrees celsius cold air that I breathe in feels like a knife cutting through my chest. A  polar vortex has blanketed the prairies as predicted by the weather man.


A pick-me-up for this bone chilling weather has to be this deeply nourishing, powerfully healing and warming drink.The ingredients for this comes from the 4000 year old Vedic culture in India. The science of Ayurveda prescribes turmeric ( Cucurmin ) for its antioxidant, anti inflammatory and mood elevating properties.


If you are looking to be healed inside out look no further friends, give the “golden milk ” of Ayurveda a try.

Recipe For 2


Cow’s Milk  ( or Coconut milk )                                          2 cups

Turmeric powder ( or freshly grated )                                 2 tsp

Grated ginger                                                                   1 Tbsp

Peppercorn                                                                    2-3 ground

Cinnamon powder                                                          1 tsp

Honey ( or maple syrup )                                                To taste

Brewed tea                                                                  1 cup


Take all the above ingredients in a sauce pan and bring it to a slow boil. Put the gas off. Strain the mixture and enjoy!

Disclaimer:  Using this in lieu of prescribed medication is not recommended. Please consult your physician first.