Amygdalota : Greek Almond cookies : GF : Egg free option


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Amygdalota. What lota? I know what you are thinking. I can explain…

Did you know “Amygdala” is an almond shaped area in the human brain that is involved with emotion and decision making.


Amygdalota are Greek almond cookies. Almond trees are present everywhere in Greece. Almond signifies happiness and prosperity and hence these are integral in important events in Greek lives like weddings or baptisms.

If we try and add the above two, it is clear that these cookies and happiness are inseparable. The truth can only be verified once you try these beauties. For the time being take my word. Thank me later.


Mildly crispy, sweet with a flavour of fresh orange zest , all you need is a cup of espresso by the side.

Recipe ; Made 3 dozen. Recipe based from “Flavor the moments “: with some changes.


Almond flour                        3 cups

Granulated sugar                 3/4 cup

Orange zest                         1 tbsp

Salt                                     1/4 tsp

Egg whites                           From 3 eggs (  If skipping egg, Aquqfaba 1/4 cup )

Vanilla extract                     1 tsp

Almond slices                      1 cup


Put the oven on at 350 F

Mix the almond flour, salt, orange zest in a bowl. Keep aside.

In a stand mixer take the egg whites or Aquafaba if using, add the sugar and vanilla. Mix in high speed till soft peaks form. Add the flour mixture in instalments. Use a spatula to let them all come together. Take a tablespoon measure of this mixture, form a ball between the palm of your hand. Press to form a disc, roll it in the almond slices.

Put these on a parchment paper lined baking tray.

Bake for 15 to 18 minutes or till the edges turn slightly brown.

Take them out of the oven, put these on a wire rack to cool completely.

Try them with a cup of strong hot cup of coffee.


Aquafaba is the liquid from the chick pea can.