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21 June, 2019

Smoked mango and habanero virgin mojito

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One of the very strong memories growing up in a tropical country was the summer. The oppressive heat at times would be unbearable and even hurt the body.  To counter this it was customary to stick with easily digestible food and drinks that ‘cooled’ the body.

“Smoked mango” drink was one of the drinks that is said to cool the body. To counter the 45 degree celsius heat, the schools had their timings changed. We started very early around 6.30 am and finished by 12.30pm. Walking back from school in the heat with very strong ‘hot wind’ also called “lou” would leave the body exhausted.

Ma would keep this refreshing drink ready for us siblings. That tastes still lingers somewhere inside me. Anytime I see the green mango in the stores, this is one drink that I am super tempted to assemble. The summer here in the Prairies are no match to those Indian summers, but why not, is what I say. When you taste this tangy, sweet and salty drink with a strong smoke flavour I can guarantee you will go for seconds. Don’t trust me? Try for yourself. Here is the recipe.


Recipe; Serves 2


Big green mango                                                   One

Sugar                                                                            4 tbsps or to taste

Mint leaves                                                              1/2 cup

Black salt                                                                  1 tsp

Roasted and ground cumin powder         1 tsp

Mango and habanero sugar                           1 tsp ( optional )

Lime juice                                                                 1 tsp

Paprika or chilly powder                                 1 tsp


Wash the mango, brush with oil and make some slits on the skin with a fork. Roast it on open flame turning now and then with tongs so that the skin turns black all around. It took me about 20 minutes. It will depend if you have a gas flame or electric.

Put the roasted green mango in a bowl of water. This will cool it. Now remove the skin which peels off  quiet easily at this point.

In a blender collect the pulp from the roasted and cooled mango. Add the salt, sugar, mint leaves, roasted and ground cumin seed powder and some ice cubes. Once blended check the taste and modify if needed then run it through a sieve.

Dip the rim of the serving glasses in lime juice, then dip them into mango habanero sugar.  Alternatively some salt and chilly powder or even paprika powder works too. Carefully pour the drink in the glass.


Inside Scoop;

Black salt is available in Indian grocery store.

I picked the Mango Habanero sugar from ‘The spice and tea exchange’ store in Mystic Connecticut USA. spiceandtea.com


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