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29 October, 2016

Sandesh: Cheese fudge

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Wish  you  all  a  very  happy  Diwali.  Raise  your  hands  if  you  agree  festivals  and  sweets  are  inseparable.  More  the  merrier,  may  I  add.

Sweets  made  from  home  made  cheese  or  Chhena,  is  popular  in  Bengal.  Chhena  mixed  with  sugar  results  in  Sandesh.  Throw  in  different  flavours  like  Rose  water,  Kewra  essence,  mango  or  saffron  for  variety.  Trending  of  late  are  chocolate,  strawberry  and  so  much  more.


Living  in  a  small  Prairie  town  we  do  not  have  the  luxury  to  buy  Sandesh  from  a  corner  store.  Consulting  the  net,  many  trials  and  errors,  exchanging  notes  with  friends  with  similar  interest,  results  in  the  making  of  traditional  Indian  sweets.


This  is  Sandesh  in  its  purest  form.  Chhena  and  a  bit  of  sugar  with  some  garnishings.

Do  you  like  traditonal  Indian  desserts?  What  is  your  favourite  Sandesh?

Recipe:  Depending  on  the  size,  about  22- 24  pieces.


Full  fat  milk                                                            4L

Sugar                                                                      1  cup

Lemon  juice                                                            6  Tbsp

Cardamom  powder                                                1/2  tsp

Pistachio  slivers,  ground                                        1  Tbsp

Rose  petals  to  garnish                                          1  tsp


Add  6  Tbsps  water  to  the  lemon  juice  and  keep  aside.

In  a  heavy  bottomed  pan,  bring  the  milk  to  a  boil.  As  soon  as  it  comes  to  a  rolling  boil,  put  the  gas  off.  Transfer  the  pan  on  a  wire  rack  for  the  milk  to  cool  a  bit,  about  5  minutes.  Add  the  lemon  juice  mixture  little  bit  at  a  time.  Look  for  the  milk  to  curdle.  Stop  adding  any  more  lemon  juice  as  soon  as  you  see  the  milk  solids  separated  from  the  light  green  coloured  whey.

Drain  this  over  a  cheese  cloth.  Pour  some  water  over  the  cheese  to  take  away  the  lemon  flavour.  You  can  save  the  whey  to  be  used  later.  Collect  all  the  four  sides  of  the  cheese  cloth  and  wring  it  hard  to  let  all  the  water  drain  out.  Keep  it  hanging  this  way,  for  about  15  –  20  minutes  more  to  get  a  moisture  free  Chenna  (  cheese  ).

On  a  cutting  board  take  the  Chenna  and  knead  with  your  fingers  for  about  5-6  minutes.  It  is  done  when  pinching  a  small  piece  out  and  rolling  it  between  the  palm  of  your  hands  will  form  a  smooth  ball.

Add  the  sugar  and  mix  evenly.

Take  a  non  stick  pan  on  a  medium  low  flame.  Transfer  the  above  Chhena  mixture  to  this  pan  and  saute.  There  will  be  a  bit  of  moisture  released  from  the  sugar.  Add  the  cardamom  powder.  Continue  on  the  flame  till  all  the  water  is  gone  and  the  mixture  leaves  the  side  of  the  pan  to  form  a  soft  dough.  About  10-12  minutes.

Put  the  gas  off.  Transfer  the  above  mixture  to  a  plate.  You  can  either  divide  them  in  small  balls  or  give  them  a  specific  shape  using  molds.

If  using  molds,  take  a  spoonful  mixture,  form  it  into  a  ball  and  then  carefully  press  it  into  the  mold  and  then  remove  it.

Garnish  with  crushed  pistachio  and  rose  petals.

Inside  scoop;

When  boiling  the milk,  keep  stirring  to  prevent  it  from  sticking  to  the  bottom  of  the  pan.

When  sauteing  the  Chhena  and  sugar  mixture,  careful  not  to  overdo.  It  can  then  become  crumbly.  If  this  does  happen  though,  give  it  a  good  knead,  till  it  becomes  smooth  again.

Putting  it  through  the  mold  could  be  a  bit  challenging.  If  you  do  not  get  the  desired  shape,  form  into  a  ball,  wash  your  hands  with  water,  and  try  again.

Sandesh  making  needs  a  bit  of  practise,  but  if  I  can  do  it,  you  can  too.

By  Ratna




6 thoughts on : Sandesh: Cheese fudge

  • October 31, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    This is intriguing, Ratna. Needless to say, I have never tried it, but I feel it might be similar to one of Thai dessert I had. Nevertheless, they look lovely, and I would have loved to taste the real thing from the pro 🙂

    • Ratna
      November 5, 2016 at 1:07 am

      I hear you Pang. It is so interesting that we are learning about the different food cultures through our blogs. I would also put Sandesh under the guilt free treats, there is no butter or oil here. Have a great weekend.

  • October 30, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Oh Ratna! I can’t believe you made these at home that too with such utter perfection.Just beautiful. I can make the tallest layer cake but I am pretty anxious to replicate the favourites of my childhood. I think I’ll move next to you:-)

    • Ratna
      October 31, 2016 at 2:38 am

      You made my day Sonali. One thing is settled , you will be my neighbour. Lol. I must say the Sandesh tasted perfect, if I could say so myself…

  • Ev
    October 29, 2016 at 5:33 am

    These look lovely. Wishing you and your family a Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year Ratna.

    • Ratna
      October 31, 2016 at 2:30 am

      Thank you dear Ev for your continuous support. It is food and dessert overload here. Oh well! Have a wonderful week ahead.

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