Masala ( Spiced ) mango Ice pops

By  Ratna,untitled-19

Summer  holidays  and  mangoes,  are  inseparable.  I  cannot  think  of  summer  holidays  without  mangoes.untitled

The  markets  in  India  would  be  flooded  with  so  many  varieties  of  Mangoes,  it  is  really  hard  to  pick  any  one  kind.  There  would  the  uppity  up,  the  king  of  kings  ‘Langra”.  This  is  the  one  where  you  skin  them  flawlessly,  cut  in  perfectly  equal  sizes,  chill  them  in  the  refrigerator  and  serve  on  your  best  China  and  Silver.untitled-2

Then  there  is  the  ‘Chushi”,  the  PJ  variety  of  mangoes.  These  round  juice  balls,  are  never  skinned  or  made  into  pieces.  A  small  hole  is  made  on  one  end,  always  using  the  incisor  teeth.  A  little  carelessness  at  this  point  could  cause  the  juice  to  squirt  out  staining  the  dress.  The  first  finger  and  thumb  of  both  hands  are  then  used  to  exert  a  gentle  pressure,  the  lips  sealing  the  hole  at  all  times.  Licking  the  fingers  and  even  the  elbows  are  not  looked  down  upon.


The  masala  mango  pops  uses  a  balance  of  sweet,  sour  and  salty.  None  of  the  three  flavours  get  an  upper  hand.  It’s  like  a  perfect  photo  finish.untitled-3untitled-23

On  a  hot  summer  afternoon,  as  soon  the  tongue  and  the  ice  pops  make   contact,  the  result  is  nothing  short  of  bliss.untitled-7untitled-20

The  garden  is  a  riot  of  colours.  The  yellow  Daffs  on  one  side,  the  reddish  yellow  Tulips  on  the  other.  There  is  a  visual  sensory  overload.untitled-24untitled-25

Why  should  the  taste  be  left  behind ?


Makes 10


Ripe  mango,  skinned  and  chopped                            3

Water                                                                             11/2  cup

Roasted,  ground  cumin  seeds                                   2 1/2  tsps

Chaat  masala                                                             2 1/2  tsps

Agave  syrup                                                               3  Tbsps

Juice  of  half  a  lemon

Salt  to  taste

Shredded  mint  leaves                                                   1  tsp


Blend  all  the  ingredients  in  a  Blender.  Check  and  adjust  the  taste.

Fill  up the  molds  with  this  liquid.  Freeze  for  an  hour  and  half.  Take  the  molds  out  and  insert  the  handle.

Freeze  again  for  6-8  hours,  or  overnight.

Inside  Scoop,

 Chaat  masala  is  available  in  any  Indian  grocery  store.


10 thoughts on “Masala ( Spiced ) mango Ice pops

  1. Wow, this is completely unique ice pops making process. I remember I tried to create mango ice pops and that was so ummy but your process is different so would like this try this and let’s see the taste of ultimate spiced mango ice pops.

  2. These popsicles are indeed the perfect combination of flavors that is essential for all summer long. I’ve never thought of combining those flavors when in fact, it makes a perfect sense. I’m drooling from SF, and will be making these pops very soon. Thanks, Ratna.

    • Now that I think of it, Thai food usually combines the sweet, salty and sour flavours too doesn’t it? Head up north Lovely Pang, we can enjoy these together!

  3. Goodness me! I can’t stop staring at these ice pops and wishing for summer! I miss the Indian varieties so much especially the ones from my Dad’s orchard. What a stunning, vibrant and beautiful post! A burst of sunshine on a cold winter day:-)

    • I am so happy that this post could bring you cheer on a cold day. I know the feeling exactly. Dad’s orchard sounded very interesting. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you Sonali.

  4. Mango, my favourite fruit mixed with spices, sounds amazing. Although its a little cold here in South Africa at the moment I will be keeping this handy for a summer’s day. I am so enjoying your recipes Ratna. Take care. xxx

    • Thanks Ev, Let me know, when you do try how it turned out. I am so glad that my recipes are appealing you. Pardon my knowledge, I think you do grow mangoes there? We get ours from Mexico mostly…

  5. What a unique combination – mango and chaat masala. A spice with many ingredients, cumin, coriander, and many more, correct? Wow! I’m so intrigued by the flavor of these pops. Thank you for a different ice pop recipe – different from any traditional Popsicle flavors. Keep in touch! Hugs! 🙂

    • Yes Elizabeth,It does have a few ingredients like cumin, mango powder, asafoetida,salt, pepper. It is quite versatile actually. Sweet dishes like fruit salad to savoury dishes like Dahi vada ( Lentil dumplings in yoghurt sauce ) owes its oomph to this spice. Thank you for your support. Have a great week.

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