Mango matka Kulfi : Mango ice cream in a pot

The story of Summer will be incomplete without Mangoes. The beginning of spring, the air is filled with a heady scent from the mango blossoms. The Nor’easters that follow bring the tiniest green fruits to the ground, much to the delight of the neighbouring kids. As the temperatures soar, the king of fruits makes its appearance. It wouldn’t be wrong to say there comes a time when mangoes are included in breakfast, lunch, tiffon and dinner menus in different forms.

Kulfis are similar to ice creams here in the west. I have used ‘Matka’ or earthen pots to serve. With only five easily available ingredients, these can be made way ahead for parties, picnics or just because.

I hope you give this a try friends.

Recipe: Serves 10


Half and half cream 3 cups

Milk powder 11/2 cups

Sweetened Condensed milk 11/2 cups

Mango puree 3 cups

Nuts like Almonds, pistas, cashew etc 1/2 cup and some

Cardoamom powder, Rosewater for flavour Optional


If using fresh mangoes, skin them cut in pieces and puree. Store bought puree can also be used.

Coarse grind half the nuts, leaving some for garnishing

Take the cream in a heavy bottomed pan and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium, reduce the milk to half, stirring frequently. Add the milk powder. Whisk properly so that there are no lumps. This will further thicken the milk. Add half of the the coarsely ground nuts. Switch the gas off. Add the condensed milk and mix thoroughly. When cooled to room temperature , add the mango puree and flavouring agents if using. I have used half a teaspoon of cardamom powder. Check the sweetness and adjust to your taste. Pour this in small pots, I have used earthen pots here. Garnish with more nuts, rose petals, cover with foil and freeze for eight hours.

On a hot day bring these babies out to serve or just enjoy yourself!

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