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14 July, 2019

Lilac infused Lemonade

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Scents can bring back vivid memories. Wouldn’t you agree? It could be a fun filled  or even a stressful one. One can be transported to a distant land or a different period of time…

Spring in the Prairies are filled with the heady perfume of lilac. If you are out for a walk, you can with eyes closed detect the general direction of this beautiful bush.

Summer is incomplete without lemonades, be it on your patio or it could be the little girls with their pigtails and their wobbly  handwritten sign sitting on the roadside selling their ware.

In keeping with all good things, lilacs do not last long though. What if we could hold on to the scent for longer. Distilling the flowers achieve just that. I followed this video, to collect some lilac water.

Mixing this with a glass of lemonade takes one back to the glorious days of spring.

Spring may be short and elusive, if we can hang on to this glorious scent for some more time, why not?

Recipe: This is not a strict recipe, there is lot of room to adjust to your taste.


Lilac water                                                         1 tsp

Lemon juice                                                       1/2 cup

Sugar                                                                    6 Tbsps

Salt                                                                         1 Tbsp

Water                                                                   1 cup and extra to dilute the drink


I followed the above video to make some lilac water. In an ice tray put about half a drop of this in each of the cube space and fill with water. I add some lilac blossoms too. Freeze it. This make lilac infused ice cubes.

I made some lemon concentrate, simply by extracting the lemon juice, add salt and sugar .

In a serving glass add some of this concentrate. Throw in a few lilac infused ice cubes. Add water to titrate it to your taste.

Inside Scoop;

The taste of lilac water is not as interesting as the scent. I would use it sparingly.






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