Horchata de Chufa. Modified . DF, GF

By  Ratna


If  you’ve  read  my  last  post  you  know  I  am  still  trying  to  adjust  from  a  beautiful  plus  21  C  to  an  awe  fully  cold  minus  21  C.


I  am  living  in  memories.untitled-3

Horchata  is  a  very  Spanish  drink  that  we  enjoyed  in  my  recent  trip  there.  It  was  sweet  with  a  nutty  flavour.untitled-11

Chufa  is  also  known  as  Tiger  nuts.  It  really  isn’t  a  nut  in  the  strictest  sense,  for  it  is  a  tuber  that  grows  under  ground  attached  to  the  roots  of  Cyperus  esculentus.


I  have  learnt  that  these  nuts  act  as  diuretic,  high  in  fibre,  iron,  potassium  and  vitamin  E.  You  can  find  small  stalls  like  ice  cream  stalls  selling  Horchatas.  I  think  they  are  called  Horchaterias.


In  a  hot  summer  day  it  could  be  really  refreshing  to  take  a  sip  of  cold  Horchata.  This  drink   is  usually  served  with  a  farton.  A  long  pastry  with  a  bit  of  icing  on  top.

The  weather  here  is  far  from  summer.  Having  said  that  the  days  are  slowly  getting  longer.  The  sky  is  not  as  dark  these  days  on  my  way  to  work.  That  itself  is  a  matter  of  great  joy.  We  live  with  hope.  Don’t  we?

I  bought  these  nuts  from  Mercado  Central,  a  very  big  Farmer’s  market  in  Spain.  I  have  been  told  it  is  available  online  from  amazon.com

This  recipe  is  not  exactly  what  I  tried  there.

I  put  some  Indian  flavours  in  this  traditional  Spanish  drink.



Tiger  nuts              1  cup

Water                     4  cups  (  approx  )

Sugar                     To  taste

Rose  water            1  Tsp

Rose  petals           1  tsp


Wash  the nuts  carefully  with  water  and  then  soak  them  in  water  for  about  14  hours.

Grind  them  in  a  mixer  with  little  water  into  a  soft  paste.  Strain  the  liquid  through  a  cheese  cloth.  Discard  the  solids.  Add  water  to  bring  it  to  a  milk  like  consistency.  You  can  adjust  the  amount  of  water  to  suit  your  liking.

Add  sugar  to  your  taste.  I  added  rose  water  too  for  some  nice  fragrance.  Garnish  with  rose  petals.  Refrigerate  and  enjoy  the  chilled  drink.

Inside  scoop;

Rose  water  is  available  in  Indian  grocery  store.  A  little  goes  a  long  way.


6 thoughts on “Horchata de Chufa. Modified . DF, GF

  1. Ratna, I can tell you’re experiencing a little bit of nostalgia from your latest trip to beautiful Valencia. Crowning your latest travel experience with this Horchata de Chufa recipe and the uniqueness of adding your India influence is quite inspiring to me. Thank you for this story. I love the Moroccan/Indian glassware and styling. As soon as Summer is back, this will be the perfect drink with or without fartons 🙂 Have a great weekend xoxo

    • Ha ha Elizabeth, you got that right. I’m having withdrawal symptoms. The Morocco inspired glasses are my latest acquisition. A food blogger ‘needs’ props. One can never have enough, wouldn’t you agree?

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