Fafda: Chickpea flour sticks: GF. Done 2 ways.

By Ratna


A  cup  of  tea  needs  something  deep fried  to  go  with  it.

You  see,  Teley  Bhaja,  or  “deep  fried”  is  a  genre  on  its  own. Staying  true  to  my  Indian  roots,  I  can  deep  fry  almost  anything.  It  could  be a  variant  of  any  of  the  flours  with  herbs  and  spices,  or  it  could  be  any  vegetable,  edible  flower  or  leaf  and  a  lot  of  other  things.


We  had  a  gorgeous  weekend  here.   With  the  snow  gone,  and  the  sun  rays  actually  feeling  warm,  the  nature  is  changing  fast.

There  were  so  many  firsts.  My  first  flower of  the  season.  Aren’t  the  crocuses  beautiful?  The  first  outdoor  photo  shoot  of  this  season.  We  had  tea  on  the  deck,  which  was  a  first  too  after  five  months!

I  decided  to  make  this  snack  to  go  with  this  special  day.  Fafda  is  a  chick  pea  flour  based  appetizer.  With  a  few  chosen  spices,  it  takes  no  time  to  whip  up  a  batch.  Being  gluten  free  is  a  bonus,  in  case  you  have  a  friend  who  is  on  special  diet.



Oh  one  more  first.  I  gave  a  try  in  baking  half  the  dough.  No  more  guilt  feeling  from  deep  fried  foods.

I  personally  still  prefer  the  deep  fried  ones.  Old  habits  die  hard,  they  say.  I’m  glad  that  I  can  offer  the  baked  recipe  too.  Do you  have  any  preference  with  your  tea?  Or  coffee?


Recipe:  Made  28  pieces.


Chick  pea  flour  (  Besan  )                                                   2  cups

Canola  oil                                                                             5  Tbsps  and  more  for  frying

Carom  seeds  (  Ajwain  )                                                      1  Tbsps  crushed  by  hand

Salt                                                                                        To  taste

Papad  Khar  (  Sodium  bicarbonate  )                                    2  tsp

Water                                                                                     1/2 – 2/3 rd  cup


Sift  the  Besan.  Add  the  Ajwain  or  Carom  seeds  and  5  Tbsps  of  Canola  oil.

Dissolve  the  salt  and  Papad  khar  in  the  water.

Mix  this  water  to  the  above  dry  ingredients  and  knead  to  form  a  tight  dough,  about  6-7  minutes.  Cut  small  balls  from   the  dough.

Put  one  ball  on  a  cutting  board.  Press  with  finger  to  elongate  it.  Now  put  the palm  of  your  hand  on  it  and  keep  pressing  at  the  same  time  moving  the  hand  forward,  till  the  ball  gets  rolled  into  a  flat  about  4- 41/2  inches  long.  The  heel  of  the  hand  actually  does  the  job  of  the  rolling  pin.

Now  take  a  palette  knife  slide  it  under  the  flat,  starting  from  top  down,  in  one  continuos  quick  stroke.  arrange  these  on  a  kitchen  towel.

For  frying;

Heat  Canola  oil  about  an  inch  deep  in  a  frying  pan.  The  oil  is  ready  when  a  tiny  piece  of  dough  thrown  in  it,  floats  up  right  away.

Carefully  drop  the  flats  in  hot  oil  in  batches.  Press  them  gently  with  the  back  of  the  ladle.  They  are  ready  as  soon  as  they  start  to  change  colour,  about  a  minute.

Collect  them  on  a  paper  towel.

For  baking;

Preheat  oven  to  375  degrees  F.

Line  the  flats  on  a  foil  lined  baking  tray.  Bake  them  for  8-10  mts.

Serve  them  with  your  choice  of  dip,  hummus  or  ketchup.

I  like  mine  with  a  cup  of  piping  hot  tea.

Inside  Scoop;

This  is  traditionally  served  with  deep  fried  green  chillies.  Frying  lessens  the  heat,  the  chillies  can  be  deseeded  too.

Papad  Khar  is  available  online.

The  upright  ones  are  deep  fried  as  opposed  to  the  horizontal  ones  which  are  baked.

Refer  to  the  picture  collage  if  you  feel  lost.




7 thoughts on “Fafda: Chickpea flour sticks: GF. Done 2 ways.

  1. Oh beautiful and delicious again! I can’t recollect if I have tasted this before. Maybe something similar but yes deep fried stuff is the way to go with a cup of tea or coffee. That has not changed for me even today:-) Enjoy the weather my friend!

    • Oh Sonali, the weather is beautiful! The day light hours are long causing the garden to grow right in front of the eyes, so to speak. Good to know I have company for ‘Teley Bhaja” and tea. Have a great week ahead.

  2. I am going on an Indian” Breadmaking” Course tomorrow, and am really looking forward to a day of making things that I have never attempted before. I wonder whether we will be learning to make Fafda. If so, I am sure mine won’t turn out as beautifully as yours. Ratna, those Crocuses are too gorgeous, what amazing colors. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have such a long winter. Here in Durban the winter’s are so mild, and nearly every day is perfect for outdoor photo shoots. Enjoy Spring, it definitely brings with it lots of beautiful photo opportunities.

    • I’m excited for your bread making course. It must be a lot of fun. Everything looks and feels good when spring arrives. Thank you for taking time to comment. Have a great weekend.

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