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25 April, 2017

Chia seed pudding with plum compote. VG

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Remember  the  saying  ” Don’t  judge  a  book  by  its  cover?”  It  can’t  be  more  true  than  in  case  of  Chia  seeds.  Who  knew  that  these  innocuous  looking  seeds   were  a  powerhouse  of  nutrients ?  No  wonder  they  are  being  called   “Superfood”.

Native  to  Mexico  and  Guatemala,  these  seeds  are  from  the  plant  Salvia  Hispanica  belonging  to  the  mint  family.  It  was  a  staple  food  of  the  ancient  Aztecs  and  Mayans.  In  fact  the  word  Chia  means  ‘strength’  in  Mayan  language.  Legend  has  it  that  the  ancient  Aztec  warriors  had  a  ritual  of  eating  a  spoonful  of  chia  seed  before  a  battle.  Being  satiated  the  whole  day  with  added  energy  was  definitely  an  advantage.

High  in  protein,  fibre,  Omega3  fatty  acids,  they  are  rich  in  antioxidants  too.

As  if  these  were  not  enough,  they  are  fun  to  cook  with.  A  bit  of  preparation  the  evening  before,  you  have  breakfast  ready  in  the  morning.  I  love  them  in  Mason  jars  with  lids,  excellent  to  carry  as  a  midday  snack.



Chia  seeds                                                          1/4  cup

Coconut  milk                                                     3/4 cup

Maple  syrup                                                       1/2  Tbsp

Vanilla  extract                                                  1/2  tsp

Raspberries                                                         a  handful

For  the  Compote:

Frozen  plums  deseeded                1/2 cup

Coconut  milk                                         1/2 cup

frozen  banana                                       1


Mix  the  Chia  seeds  and  the  coconut  milk  in  a  glass  jar.  Add  the  maple  syrup  and  vanilla  extract.  Close  the  lid  and  keep  aside  for  a  couple  hours,  or  overnight.

Blend  the  plum,  banana  and  coconut  milk.

Top  the  chia  seeds  pudding  with  the  compote  and  fresh  raspberries.

Inside  scoop;

The  advantages  of  chia  seeds  have  been  taken  from  internet.


4 thoughts on : Chia seed pudding with plum compote. VG

  • May 1, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    We love and eat Chia puddings a lot. It’s literally my go to breakfast when I’m out and about. Yours is very pretty!

    • Ratna
      May 3, 2017 at 12:53 am

      I can now understand your love for chia seeds. It truly is such a versatile ingredient. I bet it will slowly become my go-to too.Thanks Sonali.

  • Ratna
    April 27, 2017 at 2:33 am

    Thanks Ev. I must say I am very new to Chia seeds. Easy to prepare and keep one satiated are the two big reasons it is winning my heart.

  • Ev
    April 25, 2017 at 5:34 am

    What a lovely recipe Ratna, I must admit I have only used chia in my seed and nut mixes. What a great idea to use coconut milk with it- all so healthy and nutritious. Have a wonderful week.

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