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13 February, 2017

Cashew Pista roll; Gluten free, Dairy free

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February  is  such  a  dreary  month  here.  Buried  under  deep  snow  with  temperatures  plummeting  to  about  twenty  below celsius  and  daylight  is  still  rationed.  It  is  dark  both  going  to  as  well  as  coming  back  from  work.  The  lack  of  sunlight  actually  gives  rise  to  ‘winter  blues’  also  known  as  ”  Seasonal  affective  disorder’,  or  SAD.  The  symptoms  are  similar  to  depression.

There  are  many  ways  to  cope  with  this,  like,  getting  outside  during  the  day  time  or  some  kind  of  physical  activities  that  bring  out  the  ‘feel  good’  hormones  or  endorphins.  In  as  much  as  I  do  not  disagree  with  any  of  these,  I  like  the  alternative  methods  of  bringing  out  endorphins,  for  example,   by   eating  chocolates,  sweets  etc.  You  get  the  point,  right?

Unlike  in  India  where  the  sweet  shops  are  found  on  every  street  corner,  we  in  the  Prairies  are  very  deprived.  There  is  no  other  way  than  to  try  making  them  at  home.

Cashew  pista  rolls  always  caught  my  eye  in  the  sweet  shops.  Arranged  in  neat  pyramids  and  stored  carefully  inside  glass  cases,  they  called  my name.  The  silver  coating  on  top  and  the  faint  rose  essence  almost  gave  them  a  dressy  appearance.

It  is  quite  simple  to make  them  too.  I  would  encourage  you  to  give  it  a  try  friends.  Do  let  me  know  how  it  turned  out.

Recipe:  Made  20,  11/2  inch  pieces.


Cashew  powder                                                                            11/2  cups

Pista  powder                                                                                    1  cup

Sugar  powder                                                                                  1  cup

Ghee                                                                                                      1  Tbsp

Green  food  colour  powder                                                   1  tsp

Rose  essence                                                                                  2-3  drops

Silver  foil                                                                                          to  cover  the  rolls


Dry  roast  the  cashew  and  pista  separately  on  medium  heat,  grind,  sieve  them  and  collect  them  separately.

Warm  the  sugar  on  medium  heat  very  gently  and  keep  aside.

In  a  bowl  take  the  cashew  powder,  rose  essence,  and  half  the  sugar.  Use  water  in  increments  to  form  a  smooth  dough.  I  needed  3  tsp  of  water.  Coat  the  dough  with  a  little bit  of  ghee  and  keep  covered  with  cling  film.

In  another  bowl  take  the  pista  powder,  rest  of  the  sugar  powder  and  the  green  food  colour.  I  used  home  made  green  food  colour.  You  can  find  the  recipe  here.  Add   water  as  above  to  form  a  dough.  Coat  with  little  bit  of  ghee.

Lay  a  foot  of  wax  paper,  coat  with  ghee.  Put  the  cashew  dough  in.  Cover  with  another  layer  of  greased  wax  paper.  Use  a  rolling  pin  to  spread  it  in  a  rectangle  shape  about  10  inch  to  5  inch  dimension.  Divide  this  in  2,  length  wise.

Divide  the  pista  dough  in  2  balls.  Take  each  ball  and  make  into  a  smooth  cylinder  using  your  hand.

Carefully  lift  the  pista  cylinder  and  sit  it  on  the  cashew  sheet.  Using  the  wax  paper  tightly  roll  the  cashew  sheet.  Refer to  the  picture  above.  Cut  them  in  11/2  inches  pieces.

Repeat  with  the  other  sheet.

Carefully  seat  the  silver  paper  on  the  rolls.

Inside  scoop;

I  got  the  vegetarian  Silver  foil  or  Varq  from  India.  We  can  skip  if  unavailable.

If  using  store  bought  colour, I’d  use  a  small  pinch  only.

By  Ratna




5 thoughts on : Cashew Pista roll; Gluten free, Dairy free

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  • February 17, 2017 at 11:37 pm

    Hearing about your weather and comparing it to ours (40 + temperatures every other day), I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about ours. Anyway these gorgeous rolls would make any kind of weather rock! So amazing. You should start your sweet business (and take international orders).

    • Ratna
      February 18, 2017 at 12:58 am

      Ha ha you are so sweet Sonali. I really love making Indian sweets. Australian shipments will be honoured. Done deal.! Have a wonderful weekend Hun.

  • Ev
    February 13, 2017 at 7:38 am

    I agree, there is nothing quite like a sweet treat to lighten your mood, but for me its “kitchen therapy”. Getting into the kitchen and creating something delicious is what it is all about. I can’t even imagine what it is like to be in cold weather for such a long period as our weather is glorious for most of the year. As I sit in the sun and eat my lunch today I will think of you dear Ratna. xxx

    • Ratna
      February 18, 2017 at 1:15 am

      I so envy your weather Ev. I am really not an outdoorsy person, which makes the winters really long. Like you said “kitchen therapy” it is. Happy friday.

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