Caramel ice cream cheesecake

By  Ratna,


As  you  know  I  stay  away  from  traditional  baking.  There  is  one  exception  though.  If  the  header  starts  with  phrases  like  No  bake  Cake,  Easy  to  assemble  Tart  and  such,  well   that  is  a  different  story.  You  have  my  undivided  attention.

I  am  very  excited  to  share  with  you  that  our  family  is  growing.  I  meant  my  work  family.  D  is  expecting  a  baby.  Before  she  went  for  Mat  leave,  we  had  a  baby  shower  planned  for  her.

untitled-3untitled-2Not  sure  what  I  would  bring  for  the  potluck,  I  put  down  ‘ Cheesecake’  by  my  name  in  the  office  notice  board.  “Cheesecake”?  What  kind,  I  was  asked  by  my  curious  team  members.   I  did  not  give  out  any  details.  “Surprise”  I  smiled.


Every  evening  after  work  I  read  and  reread  the  recipe.  Made  a  list  of  ingredients  for  shopping.  Not  wanting  to  disappoint  my  team  members  at  work  I  bought  back  up  ingredients  in  case the  first  one  didn’t  work.


My  inspiration  for  this  recipe  was  from  this  beautiful  blog,  Sugar  et  al.  You  can take  a  look  at  her  stunning  work   here.  I  kept  the  basic  recipe  similar  but  played  with  the  topping.  With  the  abundance  of  summer  fruits  this  time  of  year,  I  felt   obligated  to  include  them  in  my  recipe.

Individual  portioned  desserts  appeal  to  me  a  lot.  Instead  of  making  it  into  a    traditional  cake  form,  I  served  them  in  tall  glasses.  Here  it  is  friends  Caramel  Ice  cream  Cheesecake  with  fruit  topping.


I  made  12  servings.


Vanilla  ice  cream                                            500  gms

Philadelphia  cream  cheese                            500  gms

Chocolate  chip  cookies                                180  gms

Smucker’s  caramel                                        334  ml

Melted  Unsalted  butter                                  75  gms

Seasonal  fruits ;

I  used  cherries  and  mangoes  cut  in  small  pieces.

Caramel  sauce;

Butter                                                                  2  Tbsp

Sugar                                                                  1  cup

Heavy  cream                                                      3/4  cup

Water                                                                  1/4  cup


Break  the  cookies  into  crumbs  using  a  Food  processor.  Mix  the  melted  butter.  Pour  this  equally  in  the  serving  glasses,  press  and  refrigerate  for  30  minutes.

In  a  big  bowl  beat  the  Cream  cheese  till  light  and  fluffy.  I  used  an  electric  beater.  Add  the  ice  cream  and  mix  well. Gently  fold  in  the  Smucker’s  caramel.  Pour  this  mixture  over  the  cookie  crumb  layer  in  the  individual  glasses.  Freeze  overnight.

About  10  minutes  before  serving  pour  a  layer  of  Caramel  sauce  on  top.  I  followed  this  video  to  make  the  sauce.

Decorate  with  the  fruit  pieces  and  serve.

Inside  Scoop:

The  glasses  were  empty  pretty  soon.  It  must  have  tasted  great!




11 thoughts on “Caramel ice cream cheesecake

  1. Every single word in the name ‘Caramel Ice cream Cheesecake with fruit topping’ makes me drool big time. What a lucky co-workers to have all these delicious dessert for the party. Your creation is fantastic!!!

    Btw, I love Sonali’s blog, too. 🙂

    • You are so right Pang. All my resolutions to limit dessert was broken. Thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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  3. Beautiful work Ratna! They looks so gorgeous. I love the summer fruits on top (miss summer all the more:-() Thank you so much for your kind words and for making this my dear:-)

    • Thank you Sonali. It was lot of fun. Between you and me, there is another reason for using the summer fruits. I can’t do the fancy topping…
      Lol. Have a great day.

  4. Beautifully styled and captured, Ratna! I love anything and everything in a verrine. We are also enjoying the abundance of cherries and stone fruits. Love this! Really! XO 😉

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I study the Masters ( Au petit gout ) carefully, can you tell? Ha Ha. Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  5. I love the idea of indiividual desserts as well Ratna, and this one loves delicious. When someone gives you a lovely big serving like that, there is no guilt in eating it all. If you have to serve yourself, there is always that thought that if you take a big scoop or slice others may consider you greedy. And yes I agree, Sonali from Sugar et al is amazing – her recipes are pure works of art.

    • Just my kinda gal! I so agree with your sentiment. Thank you dear Ev. What is the fruit of the season in your neck of woods now?

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