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16 June, 2014

Blueberry Smoothies

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I  am  following  with  interest  the  “30  Day  fitness  Challenge”  taken  by  my  Blogger  friend  Rekha.  She  writes  about  her  daily  progress  in  her  beautiful  blog  “My  Tasty  Curry”.  Starting  from  breakfast,  snacks  or  supper  she  gives  an  account  of  her  daily  food  intake  as  well  as  her  exercise  regime.  Appetizing  pictures  create  added  interest.

I  can  relate  to  her  plight  very  well.  Balancing  a  job  and  family  is  no  easy  matter. The  safety  demonstration  before  the  flight  takes  off  always  instructs  us  to  put  the  mask  on  ourselves  first  before  putting  it  on  the  child. Translating  the  same  logic  to  a  family  situation  would  mean  that  a  mother  should  try  to  keep  fit  herself  if  she  wants  to  look  after  the  family  properly.    This  is  easier  said  than  done.  In  a  young  family  with  after  school  activities,  school  projects,  groceries  and  social  activities  it  could  be  tricky  to  follow  a  diet  or  exercise  regime.

Been  there,  done  that.  I  must  admit  that  with  increased  awareness   of  healthy  living,  solutions  are  available  in  mainstream  media.  A  little  bit  of  prior  planning  could  go  a  long  way.

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I  try  to  be  strict  on  the  weekdays  and  give  myself  a  break  over  the  weekend.  Although  I  have  good  intentions,  I  must  admit  that  It  can  be  a  slippery  slope.  I  make  this  smoothie  for  breakfast  and  sometimes  pack  it  for  lunch  too. Friends  what  is  your  ‘quick  and  healthy’  go-to  recipe?  I’d  love  to  hear  from  you.

Blueberry Smoothie-5

Recipe: Ingredients;

Rolled  Oats                          One  tbsp.

Almonds                               About  fifteen

Blueberries                           One  cup.  Fresh  or  frozen.

Skim  Milk                             Three  cups.

Whey  Protein                       One tsp  (  optional  )


I  put  all  the  above  ingredients  in  my  trusted  ‘Magic  Bullet’  and  blend.  Serve  right away  or  pack  for  later.

Inside  Scoop;

You  can  add  or  subtract  ingredients  according  to  taste.

I  have  used  frozen  Blueberries  here.

By  Ratna

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