Bitter gourd and potato mash: Uchhey aloo bhatey


There is no sugar coating here friends. Bitter it really is.

In Ayurveda bitter is the first course to be eaten. The health benefits of the bitter gourd  or bitter melon ( Momordica Charantia ),are many. Super helpful in Diabetes, the bitter gourd is a blood purifier, helps alleviate eczema, fights intertinal worms, among others.


Spring is the time when due to change of seasons the body fights diseases, and needs help to boost immunity. it is customary to start the meal with something bitter such as this, or Neem leaves etc. I have memories of my mum trying to bribe us with a treat later if we finished the bitter course without any tantrum.


There are a variety of ways to cook this. I have a mash with potato and some spices here for you today.

With Covid19 bringig the world to a halt, it may not be a bad idea to try to boost immunity.


Recipe: Serves 6

Ingredients ;

Bitter gourd                                       4

Medium potatoes                             2

Mustard oil                                      2 tbsp

Green chiillies                                 2 or to taste

Salt                                                to taste


Wash the gourds and potatoes carefully. Put in the pressure cooker in high heat and wait for three whistles.If using a saucepan, cook till done.

Skin the potatoes. Mash with hand both the potatoes and gourds coarsely. Add salt, mustard oil and chilly slices ( if using ).

Serve a tablespoon with rice as a first course for lunch or dinner.

Stay safe and healthy.





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