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28 August, 2019

Bhapa sandesh : Steamed milk cake

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Desserts or Mithai is a must for any celebration. Milk based sweets are a speciality of Bengal. The milk is curdled, the solids are separated and this is then used to make a variety of mouthwatering sweets.

Sandesh is one such delicacy made with Chhena or milk solids. With pretty much two ingredient, Chhena and sugar or jaggery, one can whip up these beauties. They can definitely be garnished with nuts, rose petals, silver foil, cream, coconut etc.

With the festival season on, I am always looking for healthy and delicious sweets that are easy to make. If you have gone through my blog you know how much I love making Indian mithais. Being a Bengali I am a bit partial to mithais from Chhena. After all how may times can you have sweets and claim that you have had some protein too eh?

I have the link for ‘ how to make Chhena at home’ here.

I hope you give this super easy and very delicious recipe a try.

Recipe;  A variety of sources on the net.

Ingredients; Made 10 using these molds.

Whole milk                                                           2 litres and 1/4 th cup

Icing sugar                                                            6 Tbsps

Cardamom powder                                          1/4 tsp

Saffron threads                                                  10-15


Make chhena with 2 litres of milk. Let it drain for half hour.

Take this chhena in a blender. Add the icing sugar and 1/4 th cup milk in it. Blend to a smooth paste.

Pour this evenly in silicone molds, garnish with a few thread of saffron and  and a sprinkle of cardamom powder.

Take a big deep bottomed pan with a tightly fitted lid.  Place a ring at the bottom, pour water to about a couple inches from the bottom, and seat a metal plate on it. Place the silicone molds with the Chhena paste on this plate. Bring the water to a boil. Cover the lid, crank the heat down to medium low and steam for half hour.

Check with a knife inside the mold, if it comes out clean, the Sandesh is ready.

Switch the gas off. Let the molds cool, let it set in the fridge for half hour. Carefully take the sandesh out from the mold and enjoy.

Inside scoop;

It can be done without the molds too. Just pour the Chhena paste in a round or square baking dish. When done release the set mixture carefully and cut in squares.



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