Bhaja Muger Dal: Roasted Yellow Mung bean soup

By  Ratna

It  is  middle  of  the  week,  the  grocery  shopping  didn’t  go  the  way  you  wanted  over  the  weekend. The  deadline  at  work  is  looming.  Just  a  few  extras  like  the  kid’s  activities  or  taking  your  elderly  parent  for  their  doctor’s  appointment.  If  this  sounds  familiar  then  read  on.


I  look  for  a  one  pot  meal  option  as  a  solution.  My  pantry  always  has  an  assortment  of  “Dals”.  This  easy  soup  is  a  breeze  to  make.   Any  veggies  of  your  choice  can  be  added.   Grab  some  chunky  bread  or  a  bowl  of  rice  to  go  with  this  soup.  Dinner  is  served.


Mung  bean  is  very  easily  digestible  hence  works  well  with  either  the  young  or  infirm.  Friends  I  hope  you  like  this  no  fuss,  unpretentious,  every  day  recipe  that  is  very  popular  in  my  household.




Husked  and  split  yellow  mung  beans  ( Dal )                       2  Cups

Ginger  grated  from                                                                One  inch

Tomatoes                                                                               2,  pureed

Onion                                                                                      1  small

Grated  coconut                                                                       1/3 rd  cup

Cumin  seeds                                                                            1/2  tsp

Ghee                                                                                           1  Tbsp

Turmeric                                                                                      1/4  tsp

Salt                                                                                              To  taste

Mixed  vegetables  ( I  used  frozen )                                             1/2  cup


Dry  roast  the  Mung  dal  on  medium  high  flame  until  very  lightly  coloured.  Put  the  flame  off.  Rinse  the  dal  with  water  now,  drain  the  water  off.  Add  4  cups  of  water  and  the  turmeric,  let  it  boil  on  high  heat.  Keep  checking  on  it  and  adjust  water  until  it  is  cooked  and  is  in  the  desired  (  soup  like  )  consistency.  Add  the  frozen  vegetables.  If  using  fresh  vegetables  then  add  them  earlier.  Turn  the  flame  off.

Cut  the  onions  in  very  thin  slices  and  fry  them  until  brown.  Collect  them  on  paper  towel  and  set  aside.

Dry  roast  the  grated  coconut  till  very  light  brown.  Set  aside.

Add  the  roasted  coconut,  pureed  tomato  in  the  boiled  dal.  Add  salt.

In  a  small  frying  pan  take  the  ghee  on  high  heat.  When  hot  add  the  Cumin  seeds,  let  it  sizzle  a  little  then  throw  in  the  grated  ginger.  Saute  for  a  few  minutes  till  lightly  coloured  and  very  fragrant.  Put  the  gas  off.

Sprinkle  this  on  top  of  the  Dal.  Garnish  with  the  browned  onions.  Enjoy  it  hot.

Inside  Scoop;

When  rinsing  the  roasted  dal,  careful  with  the  water  which  splutters  a  lot.

Feel  free  to  adjust  the  consistency of  the  soup  to  your  liking  by  adding  the  right  amount  of  water.





4 thoughts on “Bhaja Muger Dal: Roasted Yellow Mung bean soup

  1. So happy to see this Ratna! Muger dal spells childhood comfort food for me. Of course I love it now too though really don’t get to eat it that often. I notice that you have used all the authentic ingredients including coconut..beautiful! This is sunshine in a bowl.

    • You have nailed it Sonali.This is the ultimate comfort food.I remember my children would asked for “Dal, Bhat”, even when given other elaborate offers.Thanks for stopping by.

  2. A plant-base and so comforting soup, Ratna! I must look for the yellow split mung dal beans as they intrigue me. I knew of green gram but I guess this is different family – is it not? Perfumed with cumin seeds (my absolute favorite) and Turmeric (always, turmeric!) your featured image tells the whole story. This soup can be a huge success at home too! Thanks for this post, Ratna 🙂

    • You are right Elizabeth. It is green gram, a plant species of the legume family. When skinned we get the yellow dal. Turmeric is widely used in Indian cooking for its health benefits. Enjoy. Thanks for visiting.

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